Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Matters of grand national importance - jeezus!

So we have the Indian government formally talking to the Brits about racism on Channel 4's Big Brother.... for what?

Why does a national government have to step in here? This is unbelievable, that too for a 'reality' TV show.

I can't imagine the US Secretary of State calling the Indian govt if Brad Pitt had crowd trouble in India, and exchanged insults there.

This is embarrassing. This is a stupid staged TV show that clearly had this all planned. I'll bet participants were asked to play to stereotypes, and they knew this would be a controversy. Come on, it all happens.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Let it all continue

Allow me my exuberance:

The year was magic, it was good, it was exciting, it was all about positives, and there was ne'er a dull moment. Honest - for me, '06 rocked indeed.

Even as it feels the same for ev'ry year - how fast they pass us by - '06 was a year when I felt every day zip by. And almost each one had an impact on me personally. Every day was lived. It's all a blur? Not.

I don't recall any part of 2006 that wasn't fun filled, fulfilling, or exciting.

A zillion miles travelled worldwide, an amazing road trip back east (NY/MA/PA/NH) during the summer, finally going to So Cal on holiday (not on work), catching up with old friends everywhere, a new career opportunity, all kinds of visitors (incl grandma) at home - it's been all good. =)

C'est bon maintenant. Faites de beaux rĂªves. (no nonsense show-off gibberish, someone did tell me this years ago at New Year's. Go figure it out.)