Tuesday, March 28, 2006

CNN's lowlife III world view - pretty darn shameless.

This wasn't above the fold but here's what CNN had to say on Wednesday's solar eclipse in India. This is also known as careless presumptive BS. I looked and could not find any such report. This was an AP feed.

Per CNN (AP report):

'Superstition will follow around the world, as it has for generations.

One Indian paper advised pregnant women not to go outside during the eclipse to avoid having a blind baby or one with a cleft lip. Food cooked before the eclipse should be thrown out afterward because it will be impure and those who are holding a knife or ax during the eclipse will cut themselves, the Hindustan Times added.'

Thanks, CNN-Time-Warner of the I world, but where's said report that reinforces your desired III world stereotype? There's not a chance that a mainstream newspaper like HT would do that.

Careless nonsensical reporting, no fact checking by some ignorant moron reporter - makes me lose respect for CNN. For shame.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Celebrities on game shows

Can't stand the celebrity editions on any game show. Where's the fun or thrill? Who the heck cares if they win anything or not - it's not like the $$ is a big deal for them. Couldn't care less about the charities they play for.

When ordinary people play, display their greed on television, get all beady eyed (and lose), that's when it is fun.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Running out in the cold - in between work.

It's been rather fun to go for a run around the office area. Not a soul in sight at 630p, very few cars and I get the road all to myself. Been trying this here a couple days now, and it's been very pleasant. Figured a nice route that's just right.

Now I seem to be the only one outside in a t-shirt and running shorts. But I don't seem to feel cold, nevermind the 45 degree weather. Rather,there's a spring in my step, and I feel like going on running.

Back at my desk in 30 minutes, and no one here has noticed.


Monday, March 13, 2006

In-N-Out Burger on Wikipedia

Look at the level of detail on In-N-Out Burger in Wiki. There's an amazing amount of information. Can imagine the die-hards coming in and editing/adding trivia or facts on the chain. I read it at lunch, while eating an In-N-Out double-double. When I came to the part about bible verses on the wrappers, I just had to retrieve mine from the trash can to see. =)

Wikipedia is a very addictive site for me - there seems to be something on anything you'd want to know. On any page, it's difficult to stop just there, as the hyperlinks to related or referenced wikis take you away toward more discoveries.

Da Vinci Code: What was the "original's" ending?

I likely was the last one in the world to read the Da Vinci Code - a few months ago - after all the hype. What a god-awful ending.... this guy should be sued for just that, nevermind the allegations of plagiarism.

Anyhow, I did look up Google images to see if the descriptions of the Last Supper, (and other Da Vinci paintings mentioned in the book) were the same. That was the fun part when reading.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stakeout at High Noon - Cops, Guns, & Excitement at the Office

We'd a ton of excitement at work yesterday here in Santa Clara. Events on Friday afternoon provided a dramatic change from the usual day in the office.

During our weekly all company meeting from 2p, in the midst of a presentation, some of us saw Santa Clara police cars coming in to our parking lot. We could see them from the conference room windows. Cops got out and ran quickly across the lot to take up positions around the building next to ours. 5-O in our backyard!

One police car backed up just by our window. The cop got out, put on a bulletproof vest from the trunk, took out a gun, kept it at the ready, and took up a position behind the car. He was facing the next building, and we realized we were right behind him! There was only a glass window between the cop car and us.

Another police vehicle showed on the wrong side of our road, and stopped right by our office. Someone in what looked like a SWAT uniform got out and ran to the first cop, and took position similarly. There were other cop cars around the building.

In the conference room, we'd forgotten all about our meeting. Some of my colleagues hid behind chairs and furniture expecting a bullet in the cop's direction to crash through the window. Some kept up 'expert commentary' on how the sequence would unfold. Was it the bank in the the next block? Was there a holdup? Were there hostages?

I wondered if it was someone that went postal cos of a layoff at one of the companies next door, and was shooting up colleagues. We imagined scenarios of a lone gunman in our corridors - everything we'd heard or read about for such situations. Some of us called up friends, and tuned into radio stations to find out what was going on. This was a lot of excitement for this neighborhood, unlike some place like Oakland.

The cops gestured incoming cars to park a distance away, and people to get in our building. A bunch of bewildered people ran in from outside. Cars on the road slowed down to see what was going on. We expected gunshots to ring out at any moment - it all felt so possible. Hey, there was a cop with his gun cocked and ready - five feet away!

The vigil continued, until police gestured from a distance and some wireless conversations happened. Then it was all over. The cop cars all left the premises immediately. We had no idea what had happened in the last thirty minutes, but it had put our entire workplace in a tizzy. People had been crouched on the floor! What presentation, and what company meeting?!

We recovered in about an hour, and got back to normal proceedings. At the office bowling outing afterward, it was the topic. Everyone that heard it - bartenders, drinkers, anyone - was agog.

As a coworker said, good for hours of storytelling for days afterward!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ah, I've had it....

Driving down Central expwy last afternoon, I was ready to do something drastic - spin the car around at 50 mph, rear-end another car, honk for no reason... anything to get rid of a sound.

The sound of other people in the car chewing. *Aaaack!*

Among the sounds I hate, that I abhor, that close my mind to everything else is that of chewing. Especially chewing after meal times. C'est abominable! I find it exponentially gross and disgusting. What's worse is when the chewer is oblivious to the sounds s/he makes with their jaw movements. What a bunch of inconsiderates!

I find that people are distracted when chewing, and this makes them even more irritating. They also tend to make the most crass comments, talk louder, and are a little more clueless than usual at that time.

Other such god-awful sounds like constant throat clearing (only certain kinds), garbled voices when a throat isn't clear, snoring over a decibel limit, and loud sniffling are also major irritants, and for most people. When people excuse themselves at each time if they're able, it helps calm me down.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hindi Films - A String of Flops

The world's largest movie industry - hundreds of films made every year. I wonder why.

Every other movie is a disaster at the box office, sometimes all releases in a week. Why do these movies continue to be made?

Week after week, a series of turkeys. Flops galore.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The awards telecast...

...nothing to report because I slept through the entire show Sunday. I fell asleep at 430p, just when the red carpet inanity was going on, and woke precisely when it all ended. I woke up to some after-party giggling, and some meaningless questioning of winners by reporters.

Looks like I missed nothing in between - it was the same old thing from last year, and this time I hadn't watched any of the films nominated.

And I enjoy watching Jon Stewart, but on The Daily Show. Apparently, he wasn't the same as the Oscars' host.

I planned to watch it all, but was pre-programmed to tune out for exactly the length of the telecast.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Hailstorm

This afternoon at work, we looked out the window to see millions of hailstones falling from the sky. It made one heck of a sound! The parking lot looked like snow had fallen on it, and all the cars had the white stuff on them. Quite unusual for the Bay area.

It was an amazing sight - tiny pellet sized pieces of ice that gave the place a wintry look. The stones were smaller than in any other hailstorm I'd seen. People were whipping out camera phones to take pictures. Wonder what traffic was like - it felt slippery even when I picked up some hail at the building entrance.

Hail, storm!