Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Back - after miles and miles back east

Was away a whole two weeks back east. The sun came back after the first week. Think I covered like 2200 miles on the road - Boston, Connecticut, Springfield-MA, Syracuse, Niagara Falls, Westchester County, NYC and back to the Boston area. Whew!

But it was great to go back to familiar places, and meet old friends in each. Ye olde and oft repeated stories and anecdotes. Good times..... ah, am wistful.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

'Tis good to be in New England

All ye olde familiar places, and familiar people. Good times recalled from the past, and good times now.

Having a great time in Boston, west of Boston, New Hampshire... and all places in between. Feels like home again.

Real nice to meet with old friends, great recollections from years ago, repeated and still fun. So what if it's been raining. Lovin' it much!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Gone batty?

There is a lot of retrospection:
  1. Am I learning anything in what I'm doing?
  2. Am I missing out on some exciting work or life opportunity?
  3. Do I feel like I'm making a difference anywhere?
  4. How come I'm not thinking more often like I did here?
  5. Are some people and peoples more evolved than others?
  6. What was I thinking then and before then?
  7. Why do I endlessly wonder about why I did something?
  8. Will I be wondering what was I thinking now, next year?
  9. How come I don't meet more people that think and react like me?
  10. Why didn't I think of somethings sooner?
  11. Are there people with the same interests and exposure as I?
  12. Why do I dislike 'How to' self-help books?
  13. Why don't I care about the seven habits and the 8th?
  14. Why do I think sequels to self-help books are a scam?
  15. Will I always go through the same sequence of actions before turning the tap off, switching off lights, turning off the ignition, closing doors, and leaving a place?
  16. Is everything around me real or virtual?
  17. Does everyone see objects, people, colors, scenery... whatever, the way I do?
  18. Have I lost my mind a lot?

Now I'm getting somewhere...