Wednesday, November 22, 2006

'The Cuisinart Murderer of Central High'

This faux movie title from Calvin and Hobbes - I can't get it out my mind. Also, can't stop chuckling when I recall that particular strip. Especially Calvin's expression as he asks mom.

C:'Mom, can I have some money so Hobbes and I can go to a movie?'
M:'What movie?'
C:'The Cuisinart Murderer of Central High'
M:'I really think there are more constructive ways you could spend your afternoon, Calvin'
H:'What did she say?'
C:'Oh, she went off on one of her irrelevant tangents again'

Other classic (fict.) movies that C & H have shown an interest in:
  • Sorority Row Horror
  • Venusian Vampire Vixens
  • Vampire Sorority Babes
  • Killer Prom Queen
  • Attack of the Coed Cannibals
  • Cannibal Stewardess Vixens Unchained
Can just think about any of these and LoL to the bewilderment of anyone that's with me. I own every Calvin n'Hobbes collection there is, hence these recollections.

Watterson, why did you stop? =)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Meteor Shower Ev'ry November

There's this magic about watching the Leonids meteor shower at this time every year.

Most spectacular - I recall this enchanting early morning, Nov 2002, back in Waltham, MA.

I'd stayed up... and before I knew it, it was 330am. Watched about a hundred shooting stars that icy cold morning, against an inky black sky. Amazing.

Then watched Venus the morning star rise.

What magic. Wish upon a..... staaaaaaah!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Would we miss anything?

Just occurred to me:

Why is it so important to stay close to email, and have a cell phone all the time?
I speak for myself, and likely for many others.

Weren't we all fine - once upon a time - without the ability to contact anyone or be contacted - 24x7?

This occurred to me as I settled in for a nightly ritual - running over twelve years now.
Sitting in front of the TV, with my laptop connected to the net, and a cell phone right by my side.

What am I - Mr Connected? A Breaking News enthusiast? I never turn the television off without a last look at CNN.

There're so many that answer cell phones at the movies, in the car at 65 mph, heck - even in airplanes in blatant disregard for all safety requirements.
Some of us scrurry to check email at airports, on our Blackberries lest it be something drop dead important. Sure, like that update on servers down for maintenance, that double upgrade offer from a car rental co, and some $%^&#@! discount deadline for some tradeshow.

What earthshaking event do we need to be on top of, that we need to know about immediately, that we can't afford to miss? What needs our input that can't wait - all the time?

Nothing - I bet. Honest, more often than not for me.