Friday, May 26, 2006

The Da Vinci Code film

Watched this yesterday, and it ran through the book so fast that I had to think about the sequence of events again.

  • Yes, the book felt better.
  • Some moments made me laugh that weren't meant to be funny.
  • Most of the scenes were exactly as I'd imagined from the book.
  • No one should watch this film, that hasn't read the book. It'd be hard to keep up or understand.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In Hong Kong... I watch giant planes lumber past very close by, out the lounge window. About 500 ft away, airplanes land and take off. I could watch all day at that distance. The sight of a huge 747 whatever it's doing - standing, taxiing, landing or taking off - never ceases to fascinate me. You just have to wonder how that thing gets off the ground.

I'm in Hong Kong International airport, probably the most familiar complex for me in the world. There's nothing I don't know about Chep Lap Kok a.k.a HKIA. I was here when it opened in 1998, and have been here visiting or in transit a zillion times since.

No surprise it's rated the world's best airport - everything works, is available, or is made possible for travelers. Besides, Cathay Pacific's lounges are first rate - long showers, snackies, an amazing noodle bar, drinks, wi-fi, personal television, and lots of space. They make my frequent and long trans-Pacific trips bearable. I actually look forward to transit at HKIA. When I think about transits at airports when traveling as a student years ago, I appreciate the place even more. =)

I wanted to post from the airport, because the view out made me think about HKIA. Off for a little stroll now, and likely some sleep.

Monday, May 08, 2006

It's all good.

This was triggered by one of the usually cheesy-preachy emails sent to a mail list I'm on.

Often times we forget (I forget) there're a lot of things going for us. Going well. Instead we focus on the negative stuff - at work, home, about people around us. I'm not the first one to have this epiphany, but it occurs to me infrequently.

We have cool sunny days, silly humor, our six senses, working arms and feet, and good health that we aren't acknowledging. Things could be far worse. Look at the bad news around.

There's a lot to be thankful for. If not there's always some schadenfreude to perk life up with.

Now if only I remembered this often enough, I'd not be concerned about a lot of things, would I?