Monday, June 07, 2010

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Engrish on the 2010 Asian Games web site

Sports as presented on the Asian Games Guangzhou 2010 portal:

'The modern game of hockey started from England in 1800s. Players on the field must hold their stick and not use it in a dangerous way.'


'It is commonly accepted that cricket originated from a very old leisure activity indulged by shepherds in British. The shepherds used crook and other farm equipments to hit a ball which used to be made up of wool or stone.'

<== Don't miss the umpire either - this was the best picture of a cricket game they could find.

'Baseball derived from England cricket. |The catcher need to wear not only helmet and shin guards, but also the knee pads and equipped for throat protection. | If draws, then the match continue until one team wins.'

'Tennis acted as a medal sport in 1958 the 3rd Tokyo Asian Games. Except in some men's singles, all the other matches are played three sets (the one wins two sets wins the match), while some men's singles played five sets (the one wins three sets win the match); A player/team needs to win two consecutive points immediately after "Deuce" to win the "Game". During a tie-break game, points are scored "Zero","1", "2", "3", etc'

And ...'Billiard Sports have a family of games that is played on a table, with a cue stick.'
GZ 2010 games chief web content editor in charge of putting China's best foot forward: 'Yep, that sounds about right. Go live.'

Who cares, I guess, when China's going to be a hundred medals ahead of every one else, like every time...