Thursday, November 26, 2009

How's this for chutzpah? Gatecrash a White House state dinner

Hear about the couple that went in uninvited to the state dinner for the prime minister of India? This revelation made me laugh out loud, especially the picture of her with prize goof Joe Biden.

MSNBC:'Once inside the dinner tent, they got pictures that appeared to show them with ABC’s Robin Roberts, Bollywood composer AR Rahman, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, Obama Chief of Staff Emanuel (identified as “Ron” in the couple’s Facebook photo caption) and two with a grinning vice president.'

He had to be part of this, if not anyone else - the veep. I thought his pose here was very appropriate for their caper.

Per MSNBC - 'While the White House offered no official explanation, it appears to be the first time in modern history that anyone has crashed a White House state dinner.'

I wonder about the kind of thought and prep that went into this endeavor. And now it's all over the news; for more, look up Conan and Letterman next week.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

St.Nick gifts himself - can you believe Nicholas Cage?

'Nicholas Cage' is going to be the catch-phrase for excess leading to ruin.

'MJ did a Nicholas Cage and went into bankruptcy.'

Excerpts from this article - the shopping list included:
  • Two castles - England and Germany
  • 15 palatial homes across the world
  • A flotilla of yachts across coasts and,
  • A fleet of Rolls Royces
St.Nick delivered unto himself a giant sack of goodies. Time to sue his accountant, cos of no fault of his - yes? And he did.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Falling Classic - that sinking feeling

Even as the Phillies make it 2-3 to go back to New York, methinks it's all over. The Yankees will take care of the rest at home, and I'll check back only for Game 7 should there be one. It would be great to have a repeat of 2001, and that series too went into November like this year.

However, it's time for fans such as I to turn our attention to the Pats. There wasn't a game this past weekend, but they're looking great after their recent two outings (59-0, and 35-7). They should be playing way into January. Looking forward to ye olde times....