Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The friendly inquisition, and after-party

Anyone watch Barkha being 'interrogated' by her friends yesterday? On NDTV. Couldn't tell who was the funniest - the moderator, the other editors, or BD herself'.

They were all doing this with a straight face. BD did some amazing pained/indignant/I'm clean/petulant facial expressions though.

The discussion was to the effect of:

Editors: 'BD, as a reputed journalist, does all this make you AnGGrry!?' (only sentence they were allowed to complete)

Sonia Singh/moderator: 'Calm down, Bark'

BD: 'I trusted Rad. Dang. But hey, I'm highly reputed. I made a judgment of error. (Didn't realize the phone was tapped)'

'Riina Nadia' on the phone: 'Hey, y'all, where's the after-party? TGIF at 9?'

Everyone: 'Idiot! This line is tapped as well (but we're on).' *secret gesture*

NDTV:'This show is unedited (but not live)' 
Watch here.