Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Layoffs at my college

Read in the Daily Orange that my school laid off 48 staffers last week. Whenever I hear Syracuse University and finances in the same sentence, I tend to pay attention. People that know me, are familiar with my view of SU.

SU is in dire financial straits? Really?

What happened to all the $ from incessant solicitations, the giant endowment, tuition increases, and selling off square blocks on the quad to any alumni that that wanted their names etched on granite?

Maybe it didn't work out, or they wanted more. I do hope one effect of the situation is an end to scholarships, and funding to students of no merit - SU was lax in researching credentials.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Slumdog - what is the fuss about?

What, I'm wrong? I should have bought in?

I thought Slumdog Millionaire was no fun, had unreal situations, and reinforced god-awful stereotypes. I kept looking for a magical moment, and there weren't any.
Also, where was that great music I kept hearing about?

Must have missed something amidst all the hype. Viral 'you gotta see this'.

And why, why were India people raving about it so much? Reality aside, is this what they'd like to be associated with?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cell phone tricks - how to spot non-calls. ;)

Ever notice the antics of people using cell phones? No, they're not always having a conversation, or texting. You likely know this.

They're trying to look busy and connected.
They're trying to look not awkward.

  • A lot of people will talk to themselves on their cell phones. They are not talking to anyone else at all. Watch anyone that's sitting at a table in a restaurant, public place alone with a phone.
  • If they have an intense expression and look around once in a while - they're likely talking to themselves. Most such people will sound like they're having an argument. A made-up one.
  • People that eat alone at a restaurant often start a fake phone call. Who the heck wants to be seen alone at a table? Fork and phone in hand looks better.
  • Watch anyone that walks into a gathering of people, and everyone seems to look at them. They'll either come in with a supposed cell phone 'conversation', or will pretend to call or text someone just then. They're self conscious. They want to look busy.
  • There are also the ones that will have a self-conversation about a topic just to gain the attention of those in earshot. Interesting places, clubs, people will be mentioned, and there will be a lot of exclaiming, and fake enthusiasm. Exclamations:'Really?!, No kidding!, Wow!'

    Watch if their phone suddenly starts to ring mid-fake call.