Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leno and Letterman together - last week's Superbowl ad

A little late getting around to writing about it, but -
This was fantastic; this was a great promotional coup for CBS! It was good for everyone. I think Leno benefited greatly from this - good job he agreed to show up with Dave.

Coming right after all the mud last month with NBC's Conan O'Brien fiasco, and the history between Letterman and Leno,  these fifteen seconds were an amazing surprise.

Talk about audacity. All we needed was an appearance by CoCo, but that would have been looking for too much. =)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Well done, Saints!

Good going, and a great comeback from a ten point deficit. Even better that it came against the Colts and Manning.Nice! ;)

Happy for Drew Brees, and especially happy for New Orleans. I was just thinking back, like many, about Katrina, the damaged Superdome, and the damaged city 4 years ago. This was a comeback for the team and the city in the end.

If only it were the Patriots. =)