Monday, January 28, 2008

Recall 2001-02? The Pats are back. 18-0 and one more to go.

Never mind the current season. For this club, what a run it's been this decade.

I recall watching the New England Patriots win their first Superbowl in 2002. We were at this club on an icy cold February night in Marlborough, MA.

Plenty of drama that season: Bledsoe's early season accident, the second-string Brady replacing him, the infamous Snow Bowl (tuck/no tuck rule), Bledsoe stepping for Brady in the AFC game against the Steelers, Bledsoe or Brady for the Superbowl controversy, besides the thrilling championship game in the end.

The Rams were considered a shoe-in to win. Instead, at the end we witnessed an amazing field goal by Vinatieri, after that final drive by Brady. The Pats and coach Belichick had the title - the first of several.

From what seemed like a no-hoper season at the start - star QB badly injured with a team of unknowns - to a Superbowl win.

Game sidelights:
  • The Pats ran in as a team - there were no individual introductions.
  • The half-time show by U2 was awesome - people actually watched it, instead of stepping away from the screen.
  • 'Snow angels' by the Patriots on the Superdome's floor
Coming as it did, a few months after the 9/11 attacks - this brought in some good cheer, much like the World Series in Oct-November. Even as the Sox then weren't the Sox of today, it was good to see the Yankees lose.

For Sunday - it'll be great to see a 19-0 season. Funny how so many people can't stand the Pats now, so different than when they were the underdog team (even after two titles!).

Ah, the price of success.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Behold the Slave Gene -

It's alive and well. I recall this message board poster that went by the handle 'Slave Gene Detector', a few years ago. He'd have detected this reporter in a trice.

The New York Times ran this article when the Tata Nano was launched in India last Thursday. It was written by someone of Indian origin, from NYT's Delhi desk.

This was what she came up with. The best she could think of.

Indians Hit the Road Amid Elephants

'Let me see, now how do I get my American audience to read my article on a new car launch in India?'
'I know! I'll mention an elephant. I'll mention an elephant twice, no wait....three times. Even better.'

Referring to traffic - this statement showed up on page 1 and 2, just in case it was missed. If you could miss an elephant.

'At least this morning there was no elephant chewing bamboo in the fast lane.'

When I wrote the editorial staff at the Times, they removed it from the second page.

At a time when stereotypes of the country as a land of maharajas and snake charmers (and elephants) don't exist, we have writers like Ms Sengupta helping India out. Heck, how else would anyone would read her article? And it was supposed to be about an inexpensive small car.

For shame.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Low cost car = Low cost writing. The Tata Nano web site.

Never mind the high profile launch and a worldwide audience. Here's what we have on as of Sunday night PST:

'Check out Chairman's Desk and News to read latest interview with Ratan Tata on Tata Nano'
' Shall we inform you when Tata Nano is available at our dealership for Demo & Test Drive.'
'We shall inform you when the Tata Nano is launched on following contact details.'

And this gem on the Contact Us form page:
'Tatamotors People's Car Admin (what does this mean anyway?)

Please send us your query with correct email address. And we will get back to you. '

Several other examples.

So they've certainly kept costs low on the content writing, along with the manufacturing. It's all together. =)

And speaking of poor content, I was just sent this classic goof. Why bother with originality when you can copy?

'The Delhi Police site has been lifted from the Singapore civil defence force or SCDF site, word for word, including graphics and pictures.

And if you are exposed to radioactive radiation, cover your nose and mouth - wait to be decontaminated by SCDF personnel.

''With the increasing number of bombing incidents around the world. No country including Singapore can take safety for granted.''

And just in case there's a biological attack and you get anthrax, there's no need to panic.
The website says: In Singapore, the SCDF, Police, Ministry of Health and Singapore Post have taken precautionary measures to deal with this threat. '

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


No notes on 2007. It wasn't that spectacular by me. ;)

This is the first time since the internet was invented that I've spent an entire week away from it. A full seven days - my previous record was three. No email, no surfing, no news sites - no nothing. Didn't even know that a major assassination had happened. I'm amazed at myself.

Back online after days of traveling - it's all been a blur, lots of fun though. Now to look at the vacation pictures to see if it all really happened.

The Pats ended the season at 16-0. That in itself is a nice way to start the new year.