Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A B-Movie stole from me

When the temperature rose for weeks during summers past, I'd often wonder what it'd be like if:
  • An ice cold polar water current showed up from under the ocean by the coastlines, to drop temperatures suddenly for hot regions.
  • The ice ages returned, only much faster.
  • The earth rolled over so the tropics went where the poles are.
Then I watched this film on TV a couple days ago. Wait a minute, a B-movie stole my third thought, and presented it so badly? And I thought this had occurred to me first, before anyone else! ;) Of course, I didn't have the science to explain it.

Absolute Zero depicted the earth's polar shift so clumsily, that it turned into a comedy. Mad and inaccurate science too. I was embarrassed for my idea.

Bad. Steal, but execute well. ;)