Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The two-handed shake theory

Do you think devious/insincere people shake hands or greet others often with both hands?

This two handed shake goes for many politicians when they congratulate rivals, people that fawn over superiors, and most anyone that harbors crafty intentions for the hand they hold. This action usually comes with a slight bow and a fully toothed smile - another pointer toward insincerity.

Watch how Tom takes Jerry's outstretched paw, even as he plans to trap him yet again. It's always two-pawed.


Ardeshir Patel said...

I think I've seen this at many Indian weddings. But am not sure if its insincere over there. Like when ppl get on stage to wish the couple and their parents.

Vcat said...

Also possibly common in South Asia than other regions? Even as the gesture is seen on T&J.

frizbunny said...

I think this two-handed shake, at times, might be done to welcome and put the other person at ease. Nooo..?

Nona said...

I think it is a sincere gesture. Since it is a sincere gesture, it is used to create a false feeling for the recipient.

Naushi said...

Excellent observations again!
There are various interpretations for this particular handshake. Mostly based on the situation. At times it is used as a power-play tactic, to subdue the effect of being in the right hand side in the photograph and thus looking 'submissive' while a handshake.